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15 days Until The Album Drops!!!


9/14/11 - 15 days until the album drops! and i'm juiced, and working hard at getting the word out. Determined not to leave one rock unturned I'm calling all the people I know who can get out they cars and help push this thing and get it jump started! Going to bed late, waking up early - i love hip-hop! Nobody told me there'd be days like this, i mean all the music videos show fools kickin' it! lol! It's all good really, as this album deserves a listen. Enjoy the day y'all!


my next album: The Unspoken the only pill you'll ever need! ;)

9/9/2011 - As promised...The Unspoken Word mini commercial! Shout out to Woodstock for filming this on his iPhone and editing it!! Feel free to share with others y'all!!




The Countdown to The Unspoken Word : 9/29/11


Everyday notes on the way to the countdown to The Unspoken Word release:


9/7/2011 - Gettin' ready to release The Unspoken Word video commercial skit parody info-pharmaceutical add skit thingy this week! Excited and gigglin' about it all! Funny how these things are all falling into place! Back to the grind!!

9/5/2011 - The last two days have been fresh! Yesterday went to the Music in the Park festival in Golden Gate Park (SF) and heard DJ Mr. E and Shortkut (amongst others) spin! It was real dope, Bay Area hip-hop was in full effect, people were hanging out with their kids and family, and the vibe was real lovely! Then on Saturday Woodstock (of Crown City) and I got down and recorded a video drop for The Unspoken Word album that I think y'all will dig and laugh at, at the same time. While we were recording we took a break and I was able to record this accapella...check it out on youtube :] (p.s. - the fit I have on was part of the commerical drop we were filming! lol!)



9/3/2011 - Long day of video shooting with the homie Woodstock. Low budget guerrilla style, on his iPhone! I think we got some great footage. Even an accapella sOuL spitting 16 in the park! Will post soon, long day super whooped, it's 1:30 am and the bed is calling. technically it's 9/4 so 25 days till The Unspoken Word lifts off! more details on the video shoot tomorrow...


9/2/2011 Late night promoting, meeting the people, shaking the hands last night, makes for a very sleepy morning. Being an artist with a day job means having 3 jobs really!! I'm still determined to get the word out about this record - it deserves to be heard. The Unspoken Word, part political, part personal and all hip-hop! Best believe it! Shooting a video drop this weekend - Labor Day weekend! The 3 day break couldn't come sooner! Thanks for reading this!!


9/1/2011: The Countdown to The Unspoken Word is on! It's Sept 1st 2011, and as I wrote today on Twitter: "Hello September: i think you will be a month to remember. now it's time to go make dreams into realities..." this next album is a dream come true really. 5 years in the making. Spreading the word will require some work, but i'm juiced - truly!! If you're reading this, do stay tuned. I will be posting everyday for the next 28 days until the album gets released. On the way I will be dropping snippets of the record as well as some videos. stay up. stay ready!