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Hello World

Hello world! This is the first of many posts, and updates as I've been meaning to get this going, reach out to ya as I march towards this next sOuL record to be dubbed "The Unspoken Word" Things are moving, though not as fast I would like the pace seems right. I'm finding that I got a bit of a perfectionist thang in me. Writing and rewriting these lyrics as if they might be the last testament of this journey on the urban landscape, pounding these rhythms, mixing then remixing, deconstructing to construct...

More than ever this has turned into the outlet I always knew it was- like jumping jacks my music is like health care for my spirit. Dreams are to be nurtured, especially when the daily grind tries to drain it out of ya! So I'm writing, reciting, bringin it!

Stay up and ready ya'll!
more to come...

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