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OUT NOW: Contraband Mixtape!

OUT NOW: Contraband Mixtape!

What's good people! I'm happy to proudly share with you my latest project: Contraband Mixtape.  This record is the result of 4 years of perseverance and faith (that sometimes came and went)  to complete something I didn't know would ever "see the light of day" as they say. Now here it is, and the journey to bring this music to you feels well worth it!

Please take a listen, and share with others ;)

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Free Download:

Contraband Mixtape is a collection of 12 songs that feel like a full length concept album: with its unifying themes of raw emotion, plagued by social ills, haunted by love gone, and 2 timely interludes, it is able to cover a range of topics without losing continuity or the listener’s ear. From the first single “ Hand Ova Fist” a pounding track (borrowed from Brenk Sinatra’s “Tryin”) with a lyrical tale about being on the run from the police, to “DREAMS” (prod. by DJ D Sharp) dub reggae infused anthem of achieving one’s aspirations against all odds. While “All These Guns” (prod. by Woodstock) features guest appearances by (DeadPrez), Bicasso (Living Legends) and Do D.A.T. is a powerful Gil Scott-Heron inspired track about police brutality, and the struggles that confront the Black community. Contraband Mixtape journeys further to celebrate a new day on one track, to asking provocative questions on the next. Its ultimate strength, however, is its ability to be relevant to current events, and remain entertaining all at once. sOuL from the O’s Contraband Mixtape is available now for free download for a limited time. Take a listen!


10*6*16 The Contraband Mixtape Arrives...


2 days till the Contraband Mixtape drops!! Where will you be? and Who will you share it with? are all the right questions to ask ;) 10/6/16!

Here's a preview:

#sOuLfromtheO #contrabandmixtape #hiphoplives!


New Video: Hand Ova Fist

My new video Hand Ova Fist is now available for your viewing pleasure ;) Lol! All jokes aside I'm happy to share this video with you as it is the 1st single off of my forthcoming project: Contraband Mixtape! Directed by the homie Woodstock, Hand Ova Fist is a lyrical/visual tale about running from the police and as you'll see...I'm running a lot!! Please check out the video and free download via the links below, and if you like it feel free to share it with your friends, family and social media ;)


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