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    Contraband Mixtape Promo Snippet

    Release Fall 2016!!!


    sOuL & Woodstock

    Gil Scott-Heron Tribute




    Produced by Woodstock



    sOuL - Black Mahogany Frost

    Produced by Woodstock


    sOuL - I Am You

    Produced by March the 5th


    sOuL - PSA Snippet (for The Unspoken Word Album Release)

    Produced by Woodstock


    New Video: Hand Ova Fist

    My new video Hand Ova Fist is now available for your viewing pleasure ;) Lol! All jokes aside I'm happy to share this video with you as it is the 1st single off of my forthcoming project: Contraband Mixtape! Directed by the homie Woodstock, Hand Ova Fist is a lyrical/visual tale about running from the police and as you'll see...I'm running a lot!! Please check out the video and free download via the links below, and if you like it feel free to share it with your friends, family and social media ;)



    Contraband Mixtape Is Coming: 10/6!!



    I'm excited to announce that my next album, Contraband Mixtape will be released on October 6th! This mixtape represents years of hard work, dedication and honestly perserverance. There are tracks produced by Woodstock, DJ D Sharp and guest appearances by MC's Bicasso, Sticman and Do D.A.T. There are a couple of videos in the works. The first of which is for the first single: Hand Ova Fist which will be released on 9/13. Till then please check out the Contraband Mixtape snippet video below for sneak peaks of some of the tracks off of the record and stay tuned. There's more to come!


    sOuL from the O





    Scenes From My Hood: GATS the graph genius behind this piece...


    Contraband Mixtape CDs Just Arrived...

    I'm having a moment: got the #contrabandmixtape CDs in the mail. Feeling good feeling great! Popped a fancy drink in celebration for completing a project a few years in the making. More work ahead: videos, shows, but right now? I'm just gonna enjoy this. Thank you for all of those that supported this project creatively and gave me encouragement to keep going! You know who you are and I'm thankful! 100%!! Let's go!

    Stay tuned for when this mixtape drops! I'll be posting the release date soon...




    My Creative Advantage

    We all have a creative advantage.: something that motivates us to go beyond what we thought we could do. Here's my creative advantage: 11.5 yr old iPod. It has outlasted 2 other new Ipods. Broken top. I've written to hundreds of beats off of it. Great for throwing mixes on in the car. In fact, the only way it runs is when hookedup to my car stero. lol! Otherwise, battery life? 5 min. I could upgrade, but something about the grit of it lasting to serve a creative purpose- makes me respect it more ;)





    Video Shooting With Woodstock...

    New music coming soon!

    Photo by Woodstock at the video shoot!